Advantages and disadvantages of eating oats to lose weight

Benefits of oatmeal:

1. Every 30g oats contain natural antioxidants, lipases and soluble dietary fibers;

2. It is a kind of food with high nutrition, which contains 15% protein, 9.2% water, 66.9% carbohydrate, and phosphorus, potassium, calcium and other elements, which can supplement energy and protein needed by human body;

3. You can add your favorite health ingredients: milk, nuts, fresh fruits, honey, etc. the mellow wheat fragrance not only lingers, but also feeds your stomach and health.

Disadvantages of oatmeal:

1. The lower the processing degree of oats, the longer the cooking time is needed;

2. Eating more can cause stomach spasm or flatulence;

3. It is very personal to lose weight by oatmeal alone. If we only rely on cereal instead of other foods, it will cause malnutrition, endocrine disorders and other problems;

4. Oatmeal has a long time to lose weight. Although oatmeal can achieve the effect of weight loss by increasing the feeling of fullness, it also takes a long time to see it.