Sugar free bubble water is IQ tax? Can you drink it without getting fat?

Young people want to taste more healthy and not get fat. Low sugar consumption has become a trend. Do you think sugar free bubble water, which is known as healthy, sugar free and 0 calories, is an IQ tax?

What's the meaning of "sugar free" in bubble water?

When we talk about sugar, we usually refer to white granulated sugar, sucrose, glucose, granulated sugar and so on. However, sugar free bubble water is called sugar free. In fact, it is sweet to drink, because sugar substitutes are used in it.

What is sugar substitute?

Sugar substitute is to replace the sugar we often use, making the food without taste sweet.

Sugar substitutes are mainly divided into xylitol, mannitol, sorbitol which can produce heat and artificial synthetic sodium cyclamate and saccharin which have no heat. They are added to food as food additives and sweeteners, and are marked on the product packaging by the merchants. Therefore, they can be said to be sugar free.

Why is sugar free bubble water sweet?

Let's start with a table

Now you know why sugar free drinks are sweet, right?

If you don't believe it, you can look at the sugar free beverage bottle that you haven't lost. Is this additive added? Some drinks even add 3-5 kinds at the same time.

Sugar free bubble water really won't get fat? Can I help myself?

Many people will think that sugar free drinks do not contain sugar, and the energy is so low that I will not get fat if I drink a few bottles every day. Is that really the case?

Sugar free is not zero in absolute sense

According to gb7718-2011 general rules for the labeling of prepackaged food, the requirements and conditions for the labeling of food with "None" are as follows

Add another piece of knowledge. The so-called low sugar drinks on the market also have this requirement. Let's compare them with sugar free drinks.

We all know that low sugar sugar is more than no sugar sugar, but unexpectedly, the difference is 10 times! So, the so-called low sugar, we really eat, in fact, is not low.

For example: a bottle of low sugar drink, take 500ml as an example, has about 25g sugar after drinking, which is equivalent to the energy consumed by a 56kg woman who mops the floor for about 30min.

China's dietary guidelines recommend that the daily intake of sugar should not exceed 50g, which really exceeds the standard every minute.

Similarly, low energy and non energy drinks are also required, and their data are five times different.

So, if you only occasionally satisfy your craving, it doesn't matter if you drink one bottle, you won't get fat, but after all, you will get fat if you drink too much of these drinks!

In addition, there are several hidden dangers in sugar free drinks

1. Excessive consumption of sugar substitutes is risky;

2. Sugar free carbonated drinks increase the risk of osteoporosis;

3. No sugar coke still contains caffeine, insomnia crowd should not drink.