How much vegetables and fruits do you eat every day count as "much"?

Nutrition experts on major health websites all suggest that people should "eat more vegetables and fruits". How much is "more"?

According to the research results, the best daily consumption of vegetables and fruits is 3 vegetables and 2 fruits, about 400 grams. The American Heart Association recommends that at least half of a meal be fruit and vegetables.

We should eat at least 300-500 grams of vegetables (1 / 2 of which are dark vegetables) and 200-350 grams of fresh fruits every day, and juice can not replace fruits.

In general, the best consumption of vegetables and fruits is about 400 grams per day. It should be noted that the 400g here refers to the weight of the pulp in the stomach, excluding the peel, core, seed, etc. For example, a big red Fuji weighs about 250 grams. After peeling and enucleating, it weighs about 200 grams. 400 grams a day is equivalent to eating two big apples.

Of course, we should not only eat two apples, but also pay attention to the diversity of fruits and vegetables. For example, we should eat apples at noon, oranges and strawberries at night, purple cabbage at noon, spinach and broccoli at night. If you want to satisfy both quantity and diversity, Chinese mixed vegetables and Western fruit and vegetable salad are good choices.

5 parts of fruits and vegetables = 3 parts of vegetables + 2 parts of fruits, 1 part is about 80 grams